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Are you risking an expensive engine rebuild for the sake of a leaky or inadequate air filtration system?

198.199 Air box and Filter The carburettor air intake is your engines connection with the outside world - any dirt or dust entering here will quickly abrade the softer engine metals like the piston and eventually play havoc with the mains and big end.
Many VMX and dirt bikes used fibreglass air filter boxes that often worked very well -when new.
The sad fact is that years later the fibreglass is often chipped or cracked and joints with metal fittings (eg the carburettor air intake) can become loose allowing the entry of fine particles of dust and dirt.
We offer new air filter boxes and rubber connectors made to original manufacturers patterns for many VMX and dirt bikes.

The air filter helps safeguard all the money and time you have put into your dirt bike.

Air Box

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